Women Empowerment


Red Hills, Chennai – 52.

We conduct short term and long term courses in ‘Cutting & Tailoring’ for housewives and college students. Those who complete successfully are given course certificates. Now this institute is shifted to the new location at 1/1024 Alpha Omega street, Gandhi Nagar, Red Hills, Chennai -52.

Personal counselling and prayers are also offered for the needy. Whoever enters the portals of Dorcas does not go out without Jesus Christ. We celebrated the Old student Day on 23rd September when all of them gathered for a  time of prayer and fellowship.

Through this we are able to reach the women victims of social evils and reconstruct their lives with the Love of Christ.

Women are treasured possessions of the Most High God.

We are dealing with the deprived women and help them to unleash their potentials at Dorcas Tailoring Institute. Every Thursday is set aside for counselling and prayer for their various problems.

Mrs. Hepzibah Simon, Professor from Stella Maris College distributed the course certificates to the successful students.

  Red Hills, Chennai – 52.

Remote area women’s human rights are violated.They do not have an understanding of what is the right, what is the violation, and how to prevent the violence. Also there is no place and organziations for women to go to. Therefore, it requires to deliver service to prevent and protect women in remote areas. It should be noted that alcoholism, poverty, and education levels are also contributing factors to it.

At Dorcas Tailoring Institute at Red Hills, Students are made to learn about Jesus along with Tailoring. Majority of them are from the other faiths. But they gladly sing songs, get prayed for because many significant witnesses arise out of the prayers conducted there.