West Bengal

Gospel Triumphant In West Bengal

The state of West Bengal has the largest unreached single people group in the world. God poured out a special passion in our hearts for this group of people.

A seven member team of IVCM went to work among the people in Madhurapur and its surrounding villages. They tried to impact these people with the Life Changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

They are facing crises like Corruption, Rape, Lynching, Violence, Kidnap, Poverty, Illiteracy and Anti-Social Activities and do not know the way out.

The team was able to conduct evening open-air meetings in the places called Thakurjee and Mirzapur. Though the people over there are characterized by a diversity of religious beliefs and practices, they listened to the Gospel eagerly. Many believed in Jesus and got prayed for the sick. In the place called Scaldah many received deliverance from the bondages of sin.

No opposition could deflate our resolve and squash our drive to proclaim the Good News.

We thank God for the new fire of passion God has infused in our hearts for these lost people and believe that He would give us a greater vision to find out Ways & Means to make this powerful Gospel spread among them.

“If God calls you to be a missionary, don’t stoop to be a King.”

  • Jordan Grooms