Evangelistic Campaigns




Each mission field is unique and so our methods and approaches also variess.

During the Pakkam evangelistic campaign from14th  to 17th  June 2018, we were able to take the gospel to different villages around Pakkam in Tiruvallur District through open-air preachings, door to door visits, personal evangelism. We covered  9 villages such as Vinoba Nagar, North  Nathamedu, Balaji Nagar, Pakkam- New Colony, Palavedu, Kasuva, Kaavanur, Puliyur & Arunthathipalayam.

The Gospel bought new life to these people and facilitated inner transformation. India Village Crusaders plunged into the work with earnest prayer and faith. They took bold steps and effectively shared the Word of God.

  • A women who was unable to walk for 15 long years, started walking after the prayer.

Many accepted Jesus in their lives. In spite of various hindrances, God kept the door wide open for His work. Transformed lives are evidences of God’s work in this area.  All together about 3000 people heard the Gospel.

“The Gospel is a strange merchandise;

The more you export, the more remains.”

                                                                                                        George Appia.






Thiruporur Villages

A team of 8 India Village Crusaders went on an Evangelistic Campaign at Thiruporur and its villages from 26th to 28th Nov 2018.

An Evening Open-air meeting was conducted at Manapathy Village. The Word of God was shared by Mrs. Hannah Charles. At the close of the meeting many came for prayer with numerous causes. Sathya born deaf & dumb was healed instantaneously.

At Kuyielkuppam many Snake Charmers heard the gospel as our staff visited door to door. When people accepted Jesus, strong holds get broken and idols are thrown away.

At Karani, Gospel was preached to the ladies who were retiring from their hard work in the sun and they received it with no hesitation.

Triumphant Entry 


IVCM  team made a triumphant entry with the gospel into Poongulam which is a very remote and unreached village so far. On August 27th, the Gospel made a triumphant entry into the village. We were able to conduct an open-Air Gospel meeting for the first time in this village without any hindrances. All Glory be to God.

Serving The Lord With Gladness


In the month of September India Village Crusaders were able to cover 5 villages with the Gospel of Christ in and around Oothukottai such as Othappai, Artarambakkam, Katchoor, Azhagiripettai & Aalathur.

Many were touched by the Word of God shared at the open-air meeting at Artarambakkam in the evening. Continue your prayer for the new seekers who are preparing to openly confess their faith in the Lord and also for those who refute the Gospel to realize the love of Christ.

Shackles Broken


15 members of IVCM camped at Cuddalore O.T  for 3 days at Revival  Prayer Center and covered nearly 12 villages on the seashore .The damaged caused by recent Tsunami was still visible.

The people were still receptive  to the Gospel.

Word Preached for All


We had a two day evangelistic campaign in the villages in and around Panjetti in Ponneri Taluk.
About 12 IVCs took part.
In the mornings , they were visiting houses and reaching the people.They were eager to hear  the Gospel.Many accepted Jesus and got prayed.
In the evenings we conducted open-air meetings in two villages.
The response was good. Many received healing.

Total Deliverance


A 4 day evangelistic campaign was held at Villupuram and its surrounding villages.
A big open-air meeting was held at  Joseph’s College , Tirunavallur . About 500 people had gathered and listened to the preaching of Sadhu Chellappa.
About 10 villages were reached.
Every evening , we had a public meeting and the sick and the posessed were prayed for.