Irular Community


The most backward and illiterate group of people are found in Thiruvanamalai District near Cheyaar in a village called Periakulapallur- 606801. IVCM  Foundation has stepped in to give re-birth to this community by providing Life and Education. Our effort is yet to fetch the desired result as they still fail in many ways to cope with the scheme specially designed for the development. Now, with our intervention, the street children of this community are enrolled in the Government schools. The periodical visits of our staff and their untiring services of them has now groomed them to become socially responsible citizens of India.

Spiritual Awakening among Irullar

Life Care Centre – Samathuvapuram, Vandivasi.

We are called to walk in faith despite all odds. Through this centre we try to propagate the love of Jesus Christ among the people of Irullar community. So long their children were involved in taking care of cattle and field work only. But now they go to school and learn.

We have set up a Computer Centre for these children to have computer education. We also create awareness among them about the evils of Child Marriage, Human Trafficking and Addiction.

The parents of these children also gladly accept Jesus and His Love.


Poverty forces Irullar community kids into Child Labour.

Free tuition classes are conducted to motivate and help them in their studies.

“It is not God who does not call;

  It is man who will not respond”

                                                                                                        Isobel Kuhn.