Mission Trips & Miracles


Short-Term Mission of  Overseas Missionaries 


IVCM took great pleasure in arranging a short-term mission in the month of Oct’18 with the overseas missionaries in the villages of Chetpet & Pollur in T.V.Malai District.

Sherwyn, Miralie &  Joseph Rajkumar from USA along with Elizabeth Sabey from England formed a good team with our IVCs.

They were able to reach villages such as Appedu, Samathuvapuram, Kaskapuran, Poondi-Pilliayarkoil, Ichangkaddu, Keezhvanniyur,Melvanniyur, Periyakozhapalur, Irrullar Colony and Kuppum. The missionaries had come with the great passion to serve the Lord on Indian soil. Many healings and visible miracles took place. They took part in the Women’s Rally conducted at Dorcas Tailoring Unit, Red Hills. They ministered to the people belonging to the nomadic tribe also.

It was a time of learning from one another. There was no match to the way the Lord worked. Praise God for all our overseas missionaries who have a heart for India.

The work is ever growing yielding many fruits of souls.


May confidently link with IVCM  to come on mission trip to INDIA


In the month of February 2020 ,

Missionaries Miralie and Sherwin  Saile from USA and Elizabeth Sabey from England had come to Chennai and joined IVCM on a short- term mission in the villages of India.

They  were happy to dedicate  the Church, Carmel Prayer Pinnacle built with their help at Gengapuram Village, Chetpet Taluk , Tamilnadu, India.

They along with the IVC’s were able to cover 5 villages with the Gospel of Christ, healing the sick and delivering the captives.

We were able to organise the baptism of new believers at Gengapuram and they had the privilege of witnessing it.

A Healing Crusade  was conducted for the village people and they all took part in large numbers.Many visible miracles took place bringing glory to His name.

Special session for the youth was arranged and Elizabeth Sabey addressed the youth sharing her own personal testimony.

The other two major events that took place during this time is the ‘ Seminar  For Missionaries’ conducted at IVCM Headquarters , Chennai .

Nearly 75 missionaries attended.

Another one is Healing Crusade conducted and nearly 200 people had gathered.

Many news of  healing and miracles still coming to us revealing the power of Jesus.


In the year 2008, a team of 3 young missionaries Aaron, Rachel and Eben from Australia were on a mission trip to India, with Robin Doss as their team leader.

        They campaigned at Vengal camp centre and did ministries in the neighbouring villages.
  They took the church at Karalapakkam as their project for the mission trip and did the renovation of it during their visit.
 They conducted a programme at Cherith Home for the Aged and distributed new clothes to them.
  They also conducted an immunization campaign against Hepatitis B.
They gained rich experience and returned home with a deeper commitment.



The work among the addicts of Alcohol & Drugs is one of our realized dreams. We are keen on leading such people to Christ.

IVCs presented a skit on the evils of alcohol at the seminar in Bangalore conducted by Life Challenge International.

Miracles  &  Healings

Endowed with gift of healing many visible miracles took place, as the IVCs prayed over the sick, needy and the evil possessed. The victims of the evil powers are waiting and looking forward to the hour of deliverance.

Deliverance ministry is a very exciting one, but it takes a lot of courage, concern and constant prayers.