Cherith Aged Home



It is a home away from home. The less privileged in the society needs our love and care.  25 women and 15 men are taken care of.


Phillipspuram- 631203

 Kadambathur, Arakkonam Dt.

Across the world many who are 60 and above age are marginalised and discriminated against both because they are poor and old. The issue of ageing is shared by both developing and developed countries. Discrimination is an issue, though in different ways, for all older people, rich and poor.

The role and contribution that older people make to their families and societies often goes unrecognised and undervalued.

Globalisation, climate change, urbanisation and migration are factors that can compound the vulnerability of many poor older people, particularly those living in rural areas.


IVCM runs Cherith Home for the Aged at Philipspuram – 631203, Kadambathur near Arakonam.Currently about 25 old women and 15 old men who were abandoned by their families and society are being taken care of . Medical care , clothes and healthy nutritious food are given. Plans are being made to accommodate nearly 100 inmates at this place.

These people who are no longer economically useful, are considered a burden on their families and communities and  get isolated and even abandoned.

They are the men and women who worked in poorly paid jobs with little access to regular income for them in old age.

The inmates of Cherith Home for the aged are made happy at our every visit. They enjoy the fellowship, games and prayer. About 25 women and 15 men are taken care of.